Sunday, March 23, 2014

A girly birthday party.

By the post title is is obvious we are not talking about SS's birthday party. We are pretty sure that we will be having her birthday party one month after the fact. Today we attended SS's classmate L's birthday party. SS slayed me when I asked her what L likes. Our daughter rolled her eyes and said dismissively, "Barbies, princesses, anything pink. You know how girls are." Cracked me up, because no SS I do not know how girls are. Last time we checked you are a girl, and you are not into that stuff. SS really has a poor opinion of her gender. Thankfully P let the little girl in him out and got L two very cool gifts, pink, girly and had the adults go all ohhhh, wow. Meanwhile our daughter was wondering what the big deal was about such boring, girly gifts.

Playing Fruit Ninja with Baba. P's mission was to get as many tickets as possible for SS. His good intentions bit us in the rear end. SS had enough tickets to get a harmonica, the old fashion type, not electronic, and thus without an off button. And SS REALLY likes her new harmonica. Thanks a lot P.

There's our Arroz Blanco conveniently sitting next to the birthday girl. It always happens with our SS, weird.

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