Friday, March 21, 2014

Missing Maui, but enjoying its affect.

One person who truly understood how remarkable SS's attempt at boogie boarding was is her teacher. Mrs. S gets to see SS like we do, our child's insecurities, fears, hypersensitivity and other quirkiness.  We emailed her the picture on the header and video, and Mrs. S commented that the ocean can have an amazing affect on people. That, or we thought SS just got plain lucky and caught that wave, with the help of two adults. But it seems that P's birthday gift pretty much turned into a gift for us.  Mrs. S informed me yesterday that SS is talking in class, is more open. I asked her if the change was pre or post Maui.  She stated that SS was taking baby steps before the trip. But knowing SS, her teacher was proud no matter how small the improvement. Upon our return Mrs. S asked SS to share with the class her vacation adventure and SS delivered. Mrs. S said that since then she is more talkative, more open. What a concept, to cultivate a relationship with a shy student, then wait for an opening and help the child make a breakthrough. In contrast to last year's teacher who chose to ignore SS, and be unnecessarily harsh with a post institutionalized 5 year old, to force her "to get in the mix."  

I have to admit that I was not pleased with the timing of our trip, because I have not been at work for a year yet. Then there is always the expense and that always worries me; even though P worked insane hours to pay for the trip before we left home. And that worry has obviously never stopped me from going along. But we had a blast and a half, were able to share with Grandpa and more important, we did it as a family.  But all that pales in comparison to hearing that SS is finally coming out of her shell. If SS went through school not uttering a word while in class, as long as her grades are the best she can accomplish, we would not be upset. But SS lets so much happen to her without complaining, and that is our main worry. SS can be easily taken advantage of or be hurt, and she just won't draw attention to her plight. This gives us hope that Mrs. S's approach with SS will pay off and SS will feel comfortable letting an adult know when she is in distress.

SS has discovered a fondness for Hawaiian pizza, and P made sure we had one while in Maui. We had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen yesterday and SS indulged in another taste of Hawaii. The girl really enjoyed her time there. 

We were surprised at how much she ate.

While walking around the mall SS exclaimed "LOOK, Maui trees!" Sweetie, they are called palm trees and we do have them in California. We know better than to argue with SS, we remember how well the Maui vs. Puerto Rico sand argument debacle ended four years ago. She made up her mind that Maui sand and ocean water were better then, and no way will anyone change her mind. So we took her picture in front of the fake palm Maui tree.

Today is crazy hat day at school, and our wild and crazy girl selected this one. We hope it comes home with her this afternoon.

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