Saturday, March 08, 2014

The best laid plans...

Tuesday was consumed with traveling, getting up at four am, getting through security just in time to board, and the disappointment that Alaska Airlines only allows pre-boarding for children under two. Arrived here, went to Costco to grab a bite and supplies, went to W@lmart, arrived to our condo, where Grandpa had arrived at the same time. We visited, went to dinner, then like the old fogies we are came home to crash. I have discussed how we usually divide our time away from home responsibilities before. While we decide what we want to do, it is up to me to schedule when. This was not a problem before SS, and after she came home, well, I was home. That did not present a problem. With the new changes in my job, I could not even come up with a solid idea as to what to do, let alone make my usual iron clad itinerary. Oh yeah, we stuck to that sucker through rain, snow, floods, and the assorted natural disasters. Even more shameful, we did so after SS came home.

The same went for packing, I took care of everything except toiletries and meds, that is P's area. It was a system we stumbled upon incredibly early in our relationship, and has surprisingly worked for the past 18 years. I cringed many times when P would ask me "what am I wearing today?" The man is not a moron, but since he did not pack .... It was more about the appropriate clothing for a particular day or activity than anything else, back when we did things. And the fact that my husband would do anything not to think about what to wear.  The same way I trusted P that the flight/hotel/rental car reservations were what we needed to meet our needs. This is the trip where we boarded a plane pretty much just knowing when we arrived, departed, rental/accommodations, and that was that. Who the hell does that? Apparently many people, because we arrived anxious but in one piece. Anxious because we always have a good idea about what we are doing. But the thing about this trip is that we are experiencing Maui in March, not August or September. This time is more about what we can do, rather than what we want to do. I can't begrudge P's need to be here now. It's JJ's and SS's birthdays and he wanted to do something cool.

Somewhere between boarding and landing we decided that we wanted to go Honolua Bay Wednesday.  We did not stop to think about the weather, and we arrived to a surprise. We arrived early enough, but way before we arrived P knew we would not snorkel.  Wind out at sea from a storm created good waves, and that translates into bad snorkeling. Surfers were out taking advantage of the weather bounty, and we decided to watch them strut their stuff. The waves were nothing like what we have seen on TV, but this was a real life display and we enjoyed watching the show.Because we planned to snorkel we did not bring the good camera, a big regret. P still did an awesome job of getting good pics. 

I really like this one, look just below the guy riding the wave.

Honolua was out of the question so we arrived really late at a beach near our temporary home.  SS just wanted to get her snorkel gear on, and also boogie board. We are not the type to instill reasoning. Sure, the water was choppy, visibility zero, but it was not only a great time for a first time snorkel, but also boogie boarding.

Cracks me up when P tackles the impossible.

SS also wanted sand play time.

But this was HUGE for us, we did not think much of SS's request to boogie board, but we indulged her.  This is the kid who is afraid of EVERYTHING.  We expected her to get on the board, get scared and/or frustrated, then stomp off for good. Nope, SS was apparently hell bent on riding a wave and she did just that.  She may not do anything remotely this brave ever again and we don't care.  What matters is that SS did something unexpected and succeeded. And she has bragging rights with the picture above.

I wanted to edit the video below, but JJ convinced me otherwise. He thought it was cool that I wiped out, went under, but managed to catch SS's ride.  

August 2010, same beach, same amazing little girl.

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