Sunday, March 16, 2014

Of course she received gifts.

We did not go overboard, because the kid did spend a week in Maui. P has hell bent on making up for last year's disastrous birthday trip and he can rest assured that he did an awesome job. Especially after fracturing a rib and how he kept going.

Pictures like this make us sad, because SS looks deceptively grown up. OK, enough of the mushy stuff and let's see what's in that big, blue bag.

This one SS had already seen since Grandpa mailed her Angry Bird Air Swimmer before we went to Maui.  We now need to get a helium tank to get the bird to float around our house.

Marvel art kit, for those boring car rides. Darn, SS could have used it on the road to Hana.

P has always maintained that SS would be a better reader if we offer her books that really interest her, not the stuff her teacher sends home.  We got her a few super hero books.

Marvel activity and sticker book.

SS seems pleased with her Superman book.

What else do we have in here?

This was such a good deal, eight Marvel books for SS's reading enjoyment.

Without a doubt the best gift was the iDrum from Grandpa. SS has been asking for drums before she could string a sentence together. Drums are loud, take space, and the electronic type are wickedly expensive. Grandpa found the perfect way to indulge SS, and help us keep our sanity, because all SS needs is to use her headphones, and she can make as much noise as she wants.

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