Saturday, March 08, 2014

Injury report.

Last Saturday I took what my husband dubs the nastiest spill ever down our stairs. Definitely reinjured my right foot. The one I sprained last August slipping on a Lego. The best part is that it never fully healed. My supervisor was horrified when she saw me limping and asked what the doctor diagnosed. Not a clue since I have no intention of seeking medical help until we return, if at all. It's made walking a painful experience but I was determined not to screw up the kids' birthday getaway.

No big deal, what's an outing without me being sick or injured. But P decided to join in the fun. He somehow injured a rib boogie boarding, and the man does not do pain like his wife. Dude is in misery and it's painful for me to see.

We have an already paid for outing tomorrow as a happy bday gift for our two pigs. I don't know if P will make it out the boat. Pic above of P trying to sooth his pain in the hot tub. He looks all fun and games but it's a one second effort on his part.

Full posts are difficult because our Internet SUCKS. Not much going on today, allowing P to heal and hopefully enjoy tomorrow. And while our Internet sucks, we are all grateful to be here, and in such amazing digs, thanks to Grandpa. He really went big for our pigs' comfort. I joked that I can make this sacrifice every year for our pigs' birthday. P took it a step further and suggested we make it a tradition. Birthdays in Maui since there are two to celebrate.

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