Friday, March 14, 2014

The road to Hana.

Last Thursday we decided to drive the road to Hana. We thought SS was too young last time to withstand the drive. Notice that we decided, no input from SS or JJ.  Because looking back, we have no idea what made us think it was something they would remotely care about. Now we think that they will forever think of it as the road to hell.  We pity if their significant others ever suggest taking the scenic drive, because their PTSD is going to go off full blast. Man that is one long a$$ drive, but we did it so long ago...

JJ did it without Dramamine, so that was unpleasant, and SS kept wondering when we would get there. Wherever the hell there was, but as usual was her amazing traveling self. The frequent stops were very helpful.  We were saddened that we pretty much missed everything we saw, experienced and enjoyed our first drive. Especially the Blue Pool, many other waterfalls, and the black and red sand beaches. We attempted the hike down to the red sand beach, but SS panicked half way down and it was ugly. We should have never attempted that hike with her, let alone wearing sandals. With hindsight P is amazed that I managed that far with a busted foot (he fractured his rib the next day). When we hiked down to that beautiful beach a decade ago we were both obviously younger, but also fit, and wearing sneakers. Total perfect storm and one SS will surely talk to her therapist about in the future.  We have never been a foliage people, but unable to swim and hike, we were able to enjoy their beauty.  Even SS was impressed by the size of the leaves, and abundance of green.

Looks like Jurassic Park, but actually Kaumahina State Wayside.

And you thought you had a bad day; not as bad as the driver of this car.

Our little bear in front of the Three Bears waterfalls.

At one of the so called Sacred Pools. When we arrived SS incredulously said "You want me to swim in brown water"?  Come on SS, have you learned nothing from our fly by the seat of our pants parenting?

Oops, guess we should have read the sign on the way there, not upon our return.

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LOL, probably because I was not along for the ride . . .