Tuesday, March 11, 2014

You know we would be doing a looking back post at some point while here.

And I'm amazed we waited this long. Back in August 2010 we took a picture of SS on a tree branch at Ulua beach, and I predicted it would be one of our calendar pictures. For once I was right, it made the calendar. 

I was wondering if the branch was still there, because it's been almost four years, and weather happens. We were delighted to find SS's branch (yep, it's her branch), and we were able to get another picture. 

Here she is at age three but looking so much like a baby. She was not looking at the camera so we asked her to show us the pebble or shell she had in her hand. 

SS realized we were getting all sentimental taking her picture and threw us a bone, she recreated the show me what's in your hand moment. Why do they have to grow? Fun fact, the bikini she is wearing this time was purchased during our last trip. It has a matching rash guard that we have no idea where it is.

Damn, our kid is so amazing she can levitate. I guess P was right all along when I thought he was being a snob. His child does walk on water. :) BTW, we are flying out at 3:30 local time, and not too thrilled with all the Malaysia flight coverage. But when it's your time to go, it just is, nothing can be done to prevent the inevitable. And we are together which is what matters. Even better, SS has no idea, so we won't have to deal with her anxiety.

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