Monday, March 10, 2014

Cameras and my hams.

I must start by apologizing to SS, who corrected me when I said she is seven years old. She quickly noted that she snorkeled at six years old, and reminded me that her birthday is not until March 15, as if I need a reminder. But SS took umbrage at what she perceived as my misrepresentation of her prodigy introduction to snorkeling. I stand corrected SS, I will mind my words for the next five days until you are officially seven.

Although we had three cameras with us, we purchased the picture/video CD taken by the boat's photographer, Zach. See, my husband and daughter somehow ended up in a disproportionate number of pictures and video, given the amount of people in our group (over 100).

We had scheduled dinner with Grandpa last night, steak, Okinawa potatoes and of course, potato mac salad. P suggested I stay in bed with SS to encourage her to nap. I did a great job it seems but quickly followed SS.  I think I spiked a fever, and it just made me hurt all over. SS woke up long enough to make a feeble attempt at eating dinner, then went back to bed. She was really tuckered out after her adventure.

The plan was to get a good night's rest then give Honolua Bay another try very early this morning. Unfortunately P is in serious pain, even went there without any prodding. We are going to have to go to urgent care Wednesday. And it will be both of us because there is something wrong with my foot. It has to be a sprain because even though I do pain well, no way I could have made it this past week if there's a fracture.  But we want to make sure I am doing everything I can to heal.  In P's case, sprain or fractured, ribs are just a b*tch to heal.  Been there more times than I care to admit.  Mindful that this is our last day P suggested taking SS to the beach, we will see. It's not like were are never returning, and I want him to be as comfortable as possible.

This is the plastic board I mentioned on the last post. I still find it weird that SS did not ask for one. P doesn't find it odd, he said SS had her own gear and was comfortable. Maybe because she is our child and any child of ours would rather lay around that do actual work?

SS was up before six a.m. and joined P right away.

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