Monday, June 13, 2016

A June gloom beach day.

We had plans but the weather gods were not with us this time. Temperatures in Santa Barbara will be perfect after we leave. We decided to go to the beach anyway, SS could at least play on the sand.

Cute pic but the water was too darn cold for boogie boarding.  We will have to go to Oceanside later where the water is warmer.

SS has collected a lot of sand toys, her bag looks like we have quite a few kids. 

While SS played her old fart parents read. OMG we are that age already.

We are so grateful for our friend across the pond suggesting to get a regular eye patch for SS. No pain involved removing the eye patch results in a compliant SS.

So the prescription sunglasses and eye patch did not work.  Off with the sunglasses and on with the hat.

It was really windy, we were surprised it took SS a few hours to ask for her spring wet suit. We have to get her a regular (thicker) wet suit before we try boogie boarding this summer.

Pringles, darn freaking Pringles. I had envisioned a junk free diet for SS. I thought P was on board as long as it did not involve a vegetarian diet. I so wish the man was afraid of foreign places. OK, no that would be very unappealing, but did he have to be so darn comfortable?

If you are reading this we are sure you are having a WTF moment. P introduced SS to junk food in China with Pringles. I honestly thought we agreed to keep SS junk food free until my husband arrived with the Pringles. His argument? I found Pringles in China! That started SS's love for all things crunchy. Oh well, P waited for his baby girl as well, who am I to get in between their love for Pringles.

We went for a walk and looked for sea shells.

We found these jelly fish looking things along the shore.

Classic SS, she spotted some rocks and decided it was an excellent photo opp.

SS could not be bothered to write on the sand but took the opportunity to pose with someone's heart.

After four hours of June gloom and winds we decided to call it a day and head to Mony's for some grub. Four hours of sand time seems reasonable, right?  Not for SS, who whined "So much for play time!." We are not big on being adored so we had no problem telling SS to pack her toys and it was time to get going.

We went to Mony's Taqueria for burritos and their tacos al pastor to go. As featured on Food Network her tacos are prepared differently but are simply delicious.  The pistachio sauce was amazing, and SS enjoyed the peanut sauce. We passed on the mango salsa, and their green sauce was made with jalapenos, not tomatillos. It was delicious and worth the taco trip.

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