Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Old Mission Santa Barbara.

The purpose of the trip was for P and SS to visit Santa Barbara for the first time. Even though June gloom was in full force yesterday, we had our beach time, and SS was happy.  The taquerias were a bonus we all enjoyed, and we decided to add a third objective. SS will be studying California missions in fourth grade, and will be required to build a model, and write a report. On our way home from our spring break trip we briefly stopped at Mission San Xavier in Arizona. It is a very small mission, but we did not stay long since there was a funeral in progress. Also there was a tour going on inside the church so it took us a while to realize what was actually happening. Odd experience, but SS had her first taste of Navajo bread that day. We decided to tour the Old Mission Santa Barbara to give SS a head start, and maybe SS could come up with ideas for her upcoming project.

The sidewalk art outside was beautiful, too many panels to photograph separately, although SS took a lot of pictures with her camera.

Look it's BB8!

And there it was, we are not June gloom, we are eternal gloom. Really, again? What are the odds?

When SS saw the Mission models the fourth graders were taking home she immediately thought about making a Lego mission. P thinks the idea is simply nuts because of the complexity involved. The day SS decided on Legos she came home and created three crosses. She did a very good job in my opinion. Besides it does not have to be perfect, it's a model made by a nine year old. I think as long as SS wants to tackle the project, and we can find the appropriate Lego brick colors, it's fine with me.

We will see if SS is able to create her Lego vision of a mission. I talked to a fourth grade teacher and she told me the kids have three weeks to complete the project. I am considering nudging SS to start now. One thing she won't turn down is a trip to the Lego store to purchase materials. SS loves to build so I hope this will be an incentive. I am realistic about my lack of creativity, I will never be the mother who "helps" create a masterpiece for her child's school assignment.

Beautiful secret garden.

Roses, everywhere roses that brought back Mami memories. Abuela always made sure our front yard was replete with Mami's multi colored roses.

I have never been comfortable in cemeteries, and I'm sure most people feel the same way. But thanks to P SS is just fine walking through them since New Orleans. As SS ages her interests, abilities, humor, and quirks are very much like her Baba.

Australian fig tree.

Oh yeah, skulls and bones, SS's faves. She is covering her ears because the church bells were ringing. That is one thing that has not changed about SS, her sensitivity to noise.

P's first and possibly last introduction of his faith to SS. We really suck spiritually, a big deal given how we were both raised.

Once the front cleared P was able to get a good picture of SS. Maybe it will inspire our daughter to get home and create, or at least sketch.

This is SS's I'm done stop pointing that camera at me face.

We returned to the pier for one last walk, and to purchase some souvenirs.

Even though the sun was not out P got a nasty sunburn on his legs.


Here you go Mama you lazy bum.

We left with what we thought was plenty of time to make it to SS's swimming class. Once again the traffic was a mess, SS missed her second day of swimming. Probably just as well because she was a bit tired.

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