Saturday, June 25, 2016

SS makes a light saber and learns the advantage of reading.

Last year SS participated in an after school Engineering for Kids workshop, where she created a simple video game. She enjoyed the experience and we looked forward to what other workshops they would offer. There was a Lego robotics workshop scheduled for March, and we knew we had to enroll SS.  We were very disappointed to find out the workshop was cancelled because they did not meet the needed minimum of six kids. That was surprising because the first workshop had at least thirty students, so we knew the pricey fee was not the problem. And to us video game kids are usually Lego kids. Oh well, things happen.

We received an email with the summer schedule and were pleased to find Friday and Saturday workshops. The first one that stood out was to build a lightsaber.  SS already has three but we knew this would be an awesome experience for her. Three hours of engineering fun, pizza and drinks included. The kids were encouraged to dress up or wear character PJs.

P and I were excited to get three hours of alone time and decided to go out to dinner then window shopping.  We dropped off a very eager SS and had dinner at a Lebanese restaurant we had not tried before. The flatbread appetizer half topped with cheese, and half topped with herbs was tasty. However we did not eat much, because as soon as the beef shawarma and chicken kabobs arrived, we dug in and did not look back. We will definitely bring SS to try their chicken and flatbread, also the garlic sauce. Funny that SS has always been a garlic kid.

When we returned for our Jedi the kids were outside getting ready for a group picture. The look on SS's face was just worth every freaking cent paid, and then more. The sense of accomplishment was oozing out of of her every pore. We looked at ourselves and could tell we were thinking the same. Acknowledgement of how we are grateful we can provide little opportunities like this.

As we walked inside to sign SS out and for the kids to clean up their stations P pointed out a model of some creature. We noticed SS had a foam glider but did not see any other kids with one. Who knows, she probably had it tucked somewhere as plan B if the lightsaber did not work.  SS told us it was a treat for guessing correctly. Every child in that room was a die hard Star Wars fan, but SS had one advantage, reading the three book series Santa brought her.

The model was of that mean, scary creature above. The question was if anyone knew what it was. I would have never guessed, nor could I remember in what movie it appeared. P knew right away that it was Jabba the Hutt's pet on Return of the Jedi. Yes I watched the movie, I must have been distracted by some glittery object. SS has watched the original trilogy dozens of times, thanks to Grandpa, who bought the set, with an extra DVD of special features.

But here's the thing, the animal is not identified in the movie. SS knew it was a Rancor because she read the book. She was so happy because there were a lot of kids there older than her, and she was the only one with that little piece of information. We proceeded to shamelessly drive home the point that her reading had paid off. SS is a lovely, intelligent, but darn lazy child. We want to make sure that she keeps reading. P really had a good laugh about SS knowing it was a Rancor, and probably a tad jelly he did not know.

The lightsaber consists of a color plastic tube, three AAA batteries, a flashlight, aluminum foil and electrical tape. P and I are going to take her shopping as soon as we have time, because we want to make our own. SS is certainly going to enjoy being in charge.

SS wanted to play with her new creation and was not happy to be told she must go to bed. Tomorrow we have an early start, and we know the girl is not an early riser.

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