Thursday, June 02, 2016

Last day of third grade.

SS's teacher is a LA Dodgers fan, and SS is a true Angels fan, resulting in a back and forth teasing between Mr. H and SS.  Our girl decided to make her own card for Mr. H's present, and she giggled her way through it. Oh my goodness, SS was so proud of being so clever.

Mr. H and SS say goodbye.

 SS's college shirt signed by some of her classmates.

SS did not notice some clown signed for Mr. H under the 18 until she arrived home. Mr. H's actual ink is over the 18.

 At the library trying her hand at the Japanese craft of koinobori (carp streamer).

 Being very careful to only color inside the lines.

 It took her a long time but she colored it just the way she envisioned. 

SS's creation is on the left, the one on the right is the instructor's who gifted it to SS.

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