Saturday, June 18, 2016

Patching, drawing, and reading.

Patching SS's eye is now a common everyday occurrence, much easier than our last try. She knows she has to patch for an hour, doesn't complain, and sometimes even reminds us. SS also continues her love affair with drawing, sometimes using the how to draw book we bought her almost two years ago. With SS it is all a matter of when she is ready.

We liked the detail on the dinosaur at the top of the page, and if you look at SS's index finger, you can see her lovey, DOG.

SS had a lot of fun with this drawing, although we are a tad embarrassed about the stereotype. The drawing book had 501 drawing instructions, and it did not occur to me to look at every single one. So we are blaming Costco. For some reason this chihuahua just made SS laugh, and she named it Chihuahzilla.

Once SS stopped laughing she was able to finish the drawing and pose with the finished result.

SS read four Calvin and Hobbes books at least twice. It was fun watching her read something her brother (and we) enjoyed so much. We also introduced her to the concept of newspaper comic strips, a whole new world for this electronic age child. SS now needs to concentrate on her summer reading challenge and read the extra books (she exceeds the required weekly reading) in exchange for library goodies.

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