Sunday, June 12, 2016

Santa Brabara taco trip.

Two weeks ago we were watching Taco Trip on Food Network,and the host, Aaron Sanchez, featured four taco places in Santa Barbara. Two we had no interest in trying, one is a pop up restaurant and the signature dish is an octopus taco, not our thing. The second reject was an upper scale I'm calling it a taco but it has no resemblance to a taco whatsoever "gourmet" taqueria. But since the chef is European we charge obscene prices for blah  food.

The remaining two, Taqueria El Bajio and Mony's Taqueria had potential. El Bajio's signature dish is a gordita, but not the Taco Bell kind, it looked promising. Mony's Taqueria featured a taco al pastor that is made different from tradition but tasty nonetheless. I said if we are ever around Santa Barbara we should try both places. P surprised me by saying he'd never been to Santa Barbara. Wait, of course he has been there because I have.  That's the thing about being with someone for so long, you forget a before him/her. I thought about it and I did visit SB several times pre P, never post P.

I checked the maps app and was pleased to see it was a three hour drive. SS only had two weeks left of school. Great, we could go early on a Sunday, have an early lunch at one taqueria; do some sightseeing, then an early dinner at the next taqueria. We would be back home late on Sunday but SS didn't have school, and P is off Mondays. I was SO pleased with myself and told P about my plan.  P said it sounded good and we should talk and schedule.

Needless to say P and I differ on our approach to many things, and a taqueria vanity trip is among those differences.  The next day P said he was really looking forward to our taco trip, but wanted a modification.  How about we leave Sunday, let SS have beach time, have Monday to sight see and more beach time, then leave Tuesday? Well, SS starts swimming classes on that Monday, but P quickly said she could miss one class. OK then, let's make this a three day two night affair.

It's amusing that P's idea was very convenient because one place is closed Sundays, one is closed Monday. P's schedule worked better than a rushed one day trip, and it would be nice to give SS some beach time. Then that old best laid plans of men and mice often go awry smacks you in the face. Since P works Saturdays, Sunday mornings are often rough for him. He can't sleep past 4-5 a.m., even with a sleeping aid, but is still feeling the effects of his work week. . SS went to sleep late Saturday night and was sluggish this morning, and I just went along with the flow.

The plan was to leave at noon, get to SB by three, explore around, have dinner at El Bajio, get to the hotel, read Harry Potter, cuddle and get ready for Monday. Traffic, freaking traffic got us, most of it because of UC Santa Barbara's graduation. UGH, freaking UGH. SS loathes traffic and she is grounded, so no iPad to let her pass the time. We had books for her an prayed we would make it without a serious blowout. SS was uncharacteristically pleasant, but did ask what was with the traffic.  Her excitement over going on an overnight trip helped temper her nine year old impatience.

I originally misread the hours for El Bajio and thought we had until 9:30 p.m. to pick up dinner. Nope, in the middle of traffic I rechecked and they closed at 4:30 p.m.  Double UGH.  We made it by 4:00 but were not hungry,so we took the food to go since our room had a microwave. Not ideal but we were thinking about the experience, whatever that turned out to be.

Finally! We made it to Taqueria El Bajio and my loves are relieved the long drive is over. SS claimed she had marks on her butt, whatever that means.

Oh no I just arrived in Santa Barbara and have my first encounter with a shark in the bathroom! We took our food to go then decided to go sightseeing a little.

We settled on Stearns Wharf, a nice walk to allow SS to stretch her numb (by her account) legs and get some fresh air.

SS would not pose with the whale, probably felt vulnerable because of her size.

Yes I have issues, big issues that my husband has tried his best to help me overcome. I selected this picture knowing damn well it looks like I'm grabbing SS as in stay here, or smile now, or whatever. I loved walking along the pier, but was still paranoid about SS falling over. Completely unrealistic but my fear. SS was not hurt.

They are so freaking cute.

Who am I kidding, they are not cute, they are gorgeous!

Oh yeah, Taco Trip was the genesis to our little adventure, and we did eventually get to eat our food. P and I had the gorditas, they were good, but not $10 each good. No regrets because we enjoyed getting away, the beauty along the drive (not the traffic), and just getting away.

SS had fish tacos and declared them delicious. 

She is all smiles in this picture but earlier she was not happy when the Harry Potter chapter ended on a cliffhanger. This was the first time SS could not choose to keep reading as we all do when enthralled by a book. It was P's turn to read and I was glad it was not me. Since we are trying to model patience and maturity I bit my tongue, and resisted the urge to read the next chapter after SS and P went to bed.

How many pictures have we posted of SS asleep? Don't know not sure we care, even though we know it may seem odd to others.

She is angelic when she sleeps, she is an amazing child.

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