Wednesday, June 15, 2016

First summer swimming class.

It would not have been a good idea for SS to swim yesterday, three days of fun does make a tired girl. We are proud of SS because today she really struggled, understandable after not only the mini fun trip, but not having a swimming lesson in a year. Today was also SS's first day in Level IV where the objective is to work on stroke development and other more advanced skills. I probably would have asked my parents to get me out of the pool. But SS kept on kicking her little legs, jumping in and doing her best.

SS and E were in the same kindergarten class, then E returned to her home school. We knew E would be taking classes, but in the session before SS's. It was a nice surprise to see that the 4:30 class was full and SS would get to swim with her friend. I did remind SS that swimming is like any other class, no chatting, and she must pay attention. SS and E are both driven to distraction and that is not a good combination. 

 SS really struggled keeping straight during her backstroke, which was her best stroke last summer. The instructor had to remain nearby after SS almost made it to the middle of the pool.  Maybe E's presence helped SS keep her cool and not whine about how difficult it was to get back in the water.

 SS looks like a cute otter holding an abalone.

 Much better now at staying close to the edge.

 I forgot SS's goggles and the ones in the van are for snorkeling, thus not allowed in the pool (covers the nose). SS just can't swim without goggles and that added to her misery. But she sucked it up and worked those little arms and legs until the end.

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