Friday, June 10, 2016

Mr. Twister and The Phenomenist

The public library is sponsoring a summer reading program. We have two branches near our home, one a five minute drive, and the second a ten minute minute drive.  On Monday the library closest to our home hosted Mr. Twister, a balloon artist, to kick off the summer reading program.

SS is on the last row, fourth from the left, with the really long hair that is in bad need of a trim.  She is once again contemplating a trim, but can not decide how much to trim. P brought up the point that SS is nine years old and we are still combing her hair. He suggested cutting SS's hair short and have her style her hair. I get P's point if SS was a garden variety child, one who we either adopted from birth, or was our biological child.  SS has issues about her hair, she becomes anxious when she has a trim. Until it impedes her functioning I intend to allow SS to determine the length of her hair.

Mr. Twister provided two filled balloons for every child in attendance. We love this picture of SS, calmly smiling at us amid the chaos.

Yesterday evening the second library held their summer reading program by hosting The Phenomenist. Mr. Michael Mesner is an illusionist and regaled the families with quite a show. In this picture SS is on the the right side. Mr. M is reminding the audience to keep an open mind.

SS has her hands on her knees, a sign that she is into what she is watching. There were many opportunities for the kids to assist in the illusions. Much to my dismay SS never raised her hand to volunteer. She is used to being asked to join, and like us she is shy.  I asked her to volunteer for the Chinese illusion but SS would not raise her hand.

However, SS was impressed with the Chinese illusion (video below and only because it was a "Chinese magic trick") to ask for a picture with Mr. Phenomenist.

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