Tuesday, June 07, 2016

SS wakes up early to fulfill her civic duty.

I can't believe SS has "voted" on two general elections and two primaries. SS arrived home after the primaries in 2008, but was there to cast her first vote in November.  This morning SS was up early, no complaints, the girl was on a mission, and that was to vote.  

All smiles and ready to take over my ballot as she has done since she came home. It's a good thing I agreed with her choices because If I didn't it would have been ugly. 

SS is not pretending, there was a particular vote she wanted to do all by herself, and here she is following through.

SS you were awake at six something in the morning, you have fulfilled your civic duty. What are you doing next?

I'm going to Disneyland!!!!!!

Our first stop was Radiator Springs Racers, we think it's hands down SS's favorite ride.

When we arrived at Grizzly River Run it was temporarily closed, we were bummed, but also hungry. We left the park to grab lunch and as we returned the ride had just reopened. Our timing was accidentally great, we only waited half an hour.

SS is such a wild little thing.

It's been a while since we have been on this ride. We cautioned SS against wearing her jacket, but she was determined to wear it. It did not keep her from getting soaked.

We bid adieu to a favorite ride, Soarin' Over California. On June 17 Soarin' Around the World debuts, and we are looking forward to flying above the Great Wall of China.

It's amazing how many times we have been on the line for Soarin' and today we finally noticed Katherine Cheung. Looks like today it was SS's day to pay attention to strong women and what they (and she) can accomplish.

Before going to Radiator Spring Racers we obtained Fast Passes for the afternoon. Why the serious face and crossed arms?  SS said something and I could not hear her above the noise.


I have wanted to try the Astro Orbitor since last year, because last time I was on it was before they were refurbished. Last year it was all about SS, and there were so many rides for her to try. But darn, the girl did not want to try the one ride I wanted.

We made an executive decision, SS would wait for us by the exit and we would enjoy the Astro Orbitor. I'm glad we did because it was an absolute blast.

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