Friday, June 24, 2016

Family swimming day.

Family swim night gave us the opportunity to cool off and have fun, and for P to help SS with her swimming. We picked up our hungry child at B&G Club, had her change, then fed her on the drive to the pool. SS impressed us by inhaling two tacos, impressive because I made them, and I packed them with as much meat as possible. Once we returned home she ate one and a half tacos. It would be nice if SS kept eating as much, since she needs more weight to be able to dive to the bottom of the pool.

SS took over my job of helping Baba apply sunscreen to his back.

SS announced recently that she likes diving, and we are glad she is interested. The problem is that SS is so slight that she can't always reach the bottom of the pool. I asked P what can we do, and he said weight gain is the only option. A diving weight belt would also work, but that is not something done at this summer, fly by the seat of your pants class. Makes us sad for SS because she has been excited about her new found interest. We do have a plan for helping her with balance and strength, but it will have to wait a few weeks.

We brought SS's diving sticks that actually light up, something she really likes. SS dove for sticks for quite a bit.

She also enjoyed doing cannonballs on the deep side of the pool, and all the goofiness she could manage.

We are always game for underwater shenanigans.

Then it was time to put the camera away and for P to get some coaching time in.

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