Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A pinched nerve and a clingy child do not go well together.

I have a pinched nerve and it hurts really bad. I have a high threshold for pain and this thing is kicking by butt. Even though Baby S is a light 20 pounds, those are 20 pounds of love, and I have learned that love pounds weight more than regular pounds. Seriously people, I am not making this up, I'm sure it is in some scientific journal somewhere. Now my newly semi-independent child realizes some evil individual (hi Dr. S) told her Mama not to hold her and has become incredibly clingy. And as anyone who knows me is aware, I am the perfect patient, known for listening to my physician's instructions and just doing what I'm told without questions. Snort.

Anyhoo, there is NO WAY I am not picking up or holding my daughter, so yeah, I am hurting, but hopefully not for long. Baby S is really intrigued when I ice the area and just sits there watching her Mama placing an ice pack on her lower back. Then again she is probably wondering what the heck kind of freak show she belongs to now. It's difficult to tell with her, she's has a great poker face.

As I have mentioned, Baby S LOVES to say ou or ouch. I have let out a few and now she walks around the house holding her left side and saying "ouch." That kid cracks me up, and laughing does not help with the whole avoiding pain part. Now if I say ouch she takes it from there and adds 6 or 7 on my behalf. Who knew having children at my advanced age would have such benefits. She is saving me a lot of energy by doing my griping for me.

Yesterday afternoon we were again blessed with 70 degrees and Baby S was eager to go outside. Not the smartest move on my part, but I could not deny her the opportunity to roam around, scream like a banshee and just soak up some rays. I got her scooter out and Baby S did her happy dance for her old friend. Wish I had filmed it but no way was I going to look for the camera if it was not within reach. Baby S had a great time getting reacquainted with her old friend Scooter, chasing bubbles and running around attempting to break the sound barrier.

Until Baby S arrived home I was the klutziest person I had ever encountered. Ask P and he'd readily agree. How big of a klutz am I? On our drive back from Kn0tt's Scary Far in October 07, I was laying on the third seat of the van. JJ was driving to give P and I the opportunity to get some rest, as we were both due at work in a few hours. Don't ask me how, but I managed to punch myself in the eye. And it was a good one too, I managed to give myself a shiner. Everyone had a great laugh at my expense and of course P, JJ and S just kept asking how did it happen. Sigh.

But Baby S is a klutz extraordinaire. P and I are always amazed at how she manages to trip about a dozen times a day. Initially we thought it would subside once she became more confident walking. Part of the problem is that our daughter does not get the concept of walking. She must run, and fast, again that whole trying to break the sound barrier goal. One of best moments happened a few weeks ago when we walked to the mailbox. Baby S lost her balance, then completely bent at the waist, she did not get her hands out in time and her forehead ended up on the pavement. I hate to admit that I wish I had it on tape because I have never seen anything like it. The funny thing is that Dr. S says that Baby S's head is on the small side. P and I are not buying her assessment. The girl has to be carrying some serious weight up there to pull that stunt.

Yesterday, Baby S needed help taking a step down and I held her hand, while she was clutching her sippy cup with her other hand. Much to my amazement, once she is safely standing on Terra firma she proceeded to do a complete somersault. I had to let go of her hand for fear of fracturing her arm. My lovely daughter landed face first but luckily no injuries to her face. What got me is that she never let go of her sippy cup. My girl's got her priorities straight. P could not stop laughing when I told him the story. After all, he is only 12. And I wish that was the only fall of the day. Baby S managed to scrape her knees as well during another stumble. I had to take a picture of her chubby wobby knees to commemorate the occasion.

On a positive note, Baby S continues to do well with sleep. Last night she fell asleep on her rocking chair again and I was able to take her upstairs, change her diaper, get her PJs on, and place her in her crib without incident. Of course that is possible as long as Funky Dog, Snoopy blanket, Ming Ming and now Duckie blanket are in the crib with her. She slept peacefully through the night which was a blessing to her aching Mama. If anyone out there is waiting to bring their child home or experiencing sleeping issues, do WHATEVER it takes to get your baby (and yourself) to sleep. Forget what you thought it would be like and just do what you have to do to. We are convinced that Baby S's ability to sleep through the night on her own is rooted in the fact that she finally knows we are here for her. She is slowly trusting us.

Another positive aspect that coincidentally began when Baby S's sleeping issues began to settle is that she finally allows us to hold her horizontally. We quickly discovered in China that we could only hold her upright. Once home we realized that our wonderful glider was going to go unused because she would not allow us to rock or glide with her. She is not only allowing us to do these things, but she seeks them. When I hold her, she lays across my lap and places her little legs over my arm. Also, upon awakening, we spend 10-15 minutes on the glider, while Baby S slowly returns to the land of the conscious. We are loving every second.

I'm supposed to be finalizing the details of Abuela's (and hopefully a meeting with Grandpa) trip next month so I better get to work.

As much as she loves showers Baby S is really getting into bubble baths.

She has a great grip on her sippy cup.

Look what I did to my chubby knees. I hope they don't make me wear knee pads now.

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