Monday, December 17, 2012

A date and a tree.

P and I had a much awaited date Saturday night.  My husband is always crowing about the fact that he pursued me (his version), initiated and still initiates our dates. At the beginning of last week I asked P out on a proper date, dinner and a movie. Instead of worrying about the outcome of my ER visit, I was worried that we would not get to go out. When I was discharged I worried that P would cancel. Thankfully P knows me well, if I'm going to be in pain, it does not matter where I'm hurting. We dropped off SS at Kid's Park (day care center) with two corn dogs and tater tots in her lunch box, and a backpack containing a pillow, blanket, Dog, and pajamas.  They had a Christmas gift workshop, we knew SS was going to have fun. She did try to come along with us, wanted to know why she was left out.  I told her that we were going to watch a movie for adults. SS asked if it was scary and I said yes. She pondered the answer for a few seconds then asked "What's the title of the movie?" What the heck? Was she going to Google the title to see if I was telling the truth? Five is the new thirteen.

We had a nice dinner at an Italian place we had been to for pizza. Their service was fast and since we were running late were pleasantly surprised to be able to make the movie. Since I did the asking, P chose where to have dinner and the movie. We watched Skyfall, and although not really a scary movie, it had plenty of violence that we did not want SS to see. Call us selfish but it felt so good to have a conversation during dinner that was not interrupted every thirty seconds by a very jealous five year old who thinks the world revolves around her. It was good to hold hands without having said five year old prying our hands apart, to make sure she's in the middle. It was good to forgo the popcorn and soda, since we were so full, without dealing with the drama and tears from that five year old who insists on popcorn and a $5 Icee. It felt good to sit next to each other without our constant companion in the middle.

I did not realize how much the pain had taken out of me. I was so proud of pulling off our date, only to embarrass myself by falling asleep a few times during the movie. The movie was really good, I just did not have much energy left in me. We talked about a subject I have put off posting about for a while. The bottom line is that there is something we both want to do, but lately the quality of life aspect has really been on our faces.  We do have time to make a final decision.

Abuela was concerned about SS not having a Christmas tree yet, because God knows the world will end if SS does not have a tree. This coming from the woman who had a tree just once during my childhood. We never had anther one because our house did not have an air conditioner and it is wicked hot year round in Puerto Rico. We left the front and back doors open to get some much needed relief. We also got quite the breeze coming in and it would knock down the tree repeatedly. As much as I wanted the tree I quickly realized it was not going to work.

We did have the tree, we were just behind in posting, because that is how we roll. Don't fret Abuela, SS has her tree, although this year it is placed in a different spot. Our house has a very small living room. We got rid of half of our sectional and it is still a tight fit. P says that it is difficult for him to breath in that space and there's only the three of us. He wants us to start looking into moving. Good thing we are not done unpacking after eight months here.

Munch found a spot to observe from on the tree.

Yes, our tree is upstairs.

Since we do not have a fireplace this year we had to get creative with the stockings.

The view from our bed.

This is why Abuela was concerned about SS not having a tree, SS is a Christmas tree girl.

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