Saturday, December 22, 2012

Polar Express pajama party.

Thursday was the last day of school of the semester. Mrs. V-P's and Mrs. R's classes gathered together to watch The Polar Express movie, decorate cookies, drink hot cocoa, and have a pajama party.  SS had not seen the movie but was excited nonetheless. I volunteered to help because I wanted to share the experience with my baby. That was a gamble since we also were going to attend P's work potluck dinner. I barely had time to come home, cook our dish (ropa vieja takes time, and we tripled the recipe). It was a long day, but so well worth the effort on both counts.

Every morning the children place their card at the top of the behavioral chart. A single transgression gets their card moved to the bottom. The children have the remainder of the week to redeem themselves, and return the card to the top.

Herding twenty-seven cats to Ms. R's classroom, which is so much more spacious.  Mrs. V-P's classroom can barely accommodate SS's class.

O staked his place next to SS quickly.

K, who was supposed to be at the end of the line, found a way to get SS's attention. That and getting in between O and SS. SS obliged and blew on the darn dandelion, but had enough with one try. K wanted SS to try again, but she declined. O gently pushed K out of the way and said "Let's go SS," and our daughter willingly followed. That did not go over well with K, I have never seen so much anger in a child his age. I am not even capable of working myself up into a frenzy that fast. K was ready to make a dash towards O and SS, and I was really concerned. I do not make it a habit of disciplining other people's kids, especially since his mom was there (but back in K's classroom at the time). I gently placed my hand on his shoulder and said, "K, don't you even think about it. Leave them alone." I stuck close to K until his mom joined us. No way am I going to have my daughter slapped around by a jealous five year old, or any age for that matter. On a lighter note, look at the picture, anything pops out? SS is surrounded by boys, as usual. 

Snack for the day was frosted sugar cookies decorated by three of the moms helping. I was too busy being selfish and spending time with my daughter. But I was responsible for one of the cookie decorating tables.

The kids were more receptive to a Charlie Brown Christmas.

Being among fifty-six banshees is not my thing. When I volunteered I darn well knew it would not be easy. I am not a social butterfly, and fifty-six kids is a lot of trouble. I really enjoyed my time among the chaos. The best part came as we were leaving. SS said that she had fun, then said "It was more fun because I was with you Mama." Talk about making my day.

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