Sunday, December 09, 2012

E's 6th birthday party.

SS was invited to E's sixth birthday party today. Not a big deal, SS has attended a few birthday parties. But this one had a few challenges for us. SS was the only child invited from E's class, and it was obviously hush hush. We did not tell SS she was invited and attending until yesterday. E's father has a large family, about forty on a low turn out occasion. E's mother has wanted to celebrate E's birthday with classmates, but it has not happened. Birthdays are family get together time , and they could not accommodate 40 relatives plus 26 classmates and their parents. E wanted SS to be there, and for the first time it was not only family. Cool, unless you and your daughter are the only non family there.

We had a busy week and I was not looking forward to be among strangers. But E and SS are good friends, even if it defies reasoning. E is all about pink, girly, princess stuff. E is a giant compared to SS, is louder than SS and way too rough in play for SS. But they are friends, and they really like to be around each other. It was very uncomfortable for me, and barely half an hour in I wanted to go home. But this was not about me, it was about SS, about her fiend's wish to have her there. Suck it up and let SS have a good time. She did, I am not even close to a good mother, but I do my best for my kids.SS had a great time, and although it was incredibly awkward at the beginning, it was a a nice afternoon.

The birthday girl, playing in her princesses bouncy house.

SS is not a princess girl, but she could not resist bouncing around.

The first game was about finding a sticker at the bottom of one of the many chairs in the backyard.

How many pretzels one get with a hook hand.

Treasure hunt begins.

SS "reading" her treasure hunt map.

Peter's Pan shadow was found.

A version of hot potato.

Musical chairs.

Oh boy, a goodie bag!

There were girl and boy goodie bags. SS requested a boy bag, and I did get looks by allowing her to make that choice. E's mom knows SS well and did not even blink, just complied. SS was enthralled by this cool top with lights and sound. The girls received a fairy necklace. YAWN.

SS regulates her food intake well, but I was still worried about what that much sugar would do to her bedtime. Not to worry, a few bites and SS was done.She is in bed and ready to face another school week.

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