Monday, December 24, 2012

Santa pictures.

I almost committed the ultimate faux paus, I neglected to post SS's Santa pictures. Plural, because there is always the looking back thing.  This is our fifth Santa picture stint with SS, and we are incredibly grateful to have such a privilege. You read right, privilege, one that drives us crazy and pushes all our buttons at once. But a beautiful privilege. This is the first year that SS "changed" Santas. We only had one place for Santa pics where we lived, and this year we had a plethora of choices. Those choices equaled hours waiting in line. Then E's mom told me that the Outlets had little wait, and they gave you the choice to take your own or their professional pictures. When we arrived Santa was napping.  It was a Tuesday and we were the only ones there. We could have used that leeway when SS had her first Santa picture.  We liked their set, and we were allowed to take pictures, even though their fliers clearly stated otherwise.





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