Thursday, December 13, 2012

SS received a very special package.

SS received her first Christmas gift yesterday from Aunt Michelle.  SS was incredibly excited that the package waiting in front of our door was addressed to her, after finding so many from grandpa for her Baba.  This was a literal care package, and the best we have ever received. SS has been affected by our many appointments, my surgery, and now Nana is hospitalized.  Our girl just wants a break from all the stress, and Michelle's timely package really lifted her spirits. SS had to wait to open her goods, since we needed to rush to karate class. But once home, we went straight to her room to open her treasure.

Oh yeah, finally, a package addressed to me.

Ooooooh, my first Christmas card this year.

Sweet, a make my own decorations kit. Mama and Baba, time to get off your bah humbug butts and get that tree.

Chocolate, just what my stressed out self needed. YUM

Aveeno! Lots and lots of Aveeno for my delicate skin.

Need to count my chocolates, don't want Mama and Baba swiping them

Aveeno soothing bath treatment!

Michelle, you really made SS's day, and thank you so much for the skin goodies. SS also received sour candy, and a cool necklace with bells. SS is surprisingly aware of the need for moisturizing, and is also aware of what she ingests.  She was craving tacos yesterday and when I said yes she reminded me "but no cheese Mama, no dairy for me now." SS's skin was itching something awful, perhaps the reprieve from itching and the burn after scratching are responsible for her new awareness and acceptance.  She is even singing the praises of rice milk.

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