Thursday, December 06, 2012

Science Night

SS skin is looking better, there will be no need for the prescription cream. We are struggling with the ban on dairy and soy. On Wednesday SS asked nicely for pizza, but I was working on an online application and asked to wait until I could save my work. SS was uncharacteristically patient. As I was about to heat her pizza my brain kicked in, and it broke my heart to remind her that she couldn't have pizza because of the cheese. This afternoon she wanted rice with cream cheese sauce (from zucchini chicken), I stopped P just as he was about to give her a bite. It just sucks. E's mom told me that her daughter loves almond milk, and that it comes in vanilla flavor. I bought it for SS, and that stuff is vile tasting. SS could not take more than one sip.  Need to find something to substitute for mammal milk, because SS is saying that she really misses drinking milk. It's only been two days and she is longing for a glass of milk.

This evening we attended the school's science night.  They had ten stations for the kids to try different activities, and the kids needed to articulate what they learned.  I failed to take pictures at the best stations, the microscope and the robot exhibit. SS was able to see up close cells, onion skin, lice, breast cancer cells, and lake water organisms.  The robot exhibit was very neat, the robots are created by children in kindergarten to third grade. SS was mesmerized by what she saw. Good, since we are signing her up for the club.

E and SS building a house using stale marshmallows and toothpicks. Going to save the idea for a rainy day.

Making a rocket using a straw, paper and tape.

Then came the fun part, seeing how far SS could propel the rocket by blowing on the straw.

Learning how to make a triangle point in a different direction, by moving only three pennies on the pyramid.

Paper airplane station.

Lighting a light bulb by using a crank.

Mini light bulb powered by wires and a battery. The teacher would place certain items on top of the battery to see if it would affect the flow of electricity.

Making flubber, first water and glue are combined.

Add borax and knead thoroughly.

And that is how SS turned a liquid into a solid.

The last station was the most difficult. The children used a copper wire, a battery, a magnet, and metal washers to create a motor. We had fun watching SS taking it all in, and were pleased with her enthusiasm for learning. When the kids turned in their worksheet signed by all station attendants, the got to choose a candy treat, and received a coupon for a free Jumbo Jack burguer. P was amused that the children were rewarded with junk food.

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