Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Elf on the Shelf.

We had a very busy day, so much to do, and I could not help with so many things, because one of my incisions is hurting something awful. P was ready to take me to urgent care Sunday morning, but I got a nice reprieve of a few hours pain free.  I really did not want to take a chance on SS missing E's birthday party. By the time we came home I was really hurting again.  My surgeon was able to accommodate me this afternoon. More percocet, and if the pain persists another CT Scan. From there we went to SS's pediatrician to follow up on her eczema. The good news is that SS responded well to the ointment. Her doctor wants us to return to moisturizing daily with Aveeno, and only use the ointment if the skin worsens. He also requested that we continue to withhold dairy and soy for two more weeks, then reintroduce slowly. If the eczema worsens, then discontinue. Our baby girl misses milk so much that she cried upon hearing that it would be two more weeks. We felt awful, but at least she is drinking rice milk, although it is not the same. Dr. B tried to comfort SS, told her that she would have milk again, and on special occasions could even have ice cream.  What is it with that man and ice cream? SS misses a glass of whole milk, nothing else added.  Hopefully she will become used to the rice milk eventually.

One of the few areas where P and I don't agree is with the white lies we tell our children, Easter bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus... My position remains that SS needs to know that we do not lie to her, because when the tough questions come, it is important that she knows we are telling her the truth. Two big questions come to mind, the fact that we do not know the identity of her birth parents, and questions she may have once she learns about cases of child trafficking. P believes that it is important to believe on Santa Claus and company, it's what childhood is all about. We achieved a compromise without really trying. P is the one who introduces those concepts to SS. But if SS asks, I will not lie. I will explain that it is a nice story parents tell children, but it isn't real. I'm not even sure if SS buys the Santa concept, because when she gets Christmas gifts, we tell her who they came from.

Since I'm going along with the white lies why not add another one? SS was introduced to Elf on the Shelf, a cute and yet creepy tradition. We read the book a few nights ago. It explains that once we name the elf, it has magical powers, watches SS, then flies every night to the North Pole to report to Santa. When it returns the next morning it "hides" in a different spot, and SS looks for him every morning. The elf remains home until Christmas eve, it then returns home to the North Pole, and returns next year after Thanksgiving.  There's only one rule, SS can't touch the elf, or it will lose it's magic, and won't be able to fly to report to Santa. SS's face was one of pain when she heard that rule (not our rule, it's part of the story). SS named our elf Munch, and he spent the first night on Baba's nightstand. Good thing we are early risers, since we have to move Munch before SS wakes up.  So far she is having fun looking for Munch in the morning. The third morning I placed Munch on the downstairs TV stand, and it scared P when he saw him. It is a creepy concept.

P sent me an article about a parent who was truly spooked by the elf. It gave us something to ponder, since the author had been told as a child that a grandparent had gone to heaven and was watching her from there. The author recalls going to the bathroom, and being embarrassed of being watched, no matter who it was.  Since the day we met SS has heard how she had three guardian angels in heaven watching over her.  We told her that Mami, Papi and Grandpa J watched over her, and kept her safe until we could bring her home. She's always felt comfortable with the idea. P's grandma passed away last November, and she was added to the list of guardian angels.  Now we feel a bit guilty and hope that SS is not freaked out by that thought.

I ended up with two elves on my shelf.

On the refrigerator.

This is where we said goodnight to Munch, wonder where he will show up tomorrow morning.

SS wanted to try a new tradition, Pokemon on the shelf. We had to pass on the idea, too dangerous to have her climbing all over.

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