Monday, December 03, 2012

FCC Holiday Potluck Dinner.

When we returned home from brunch yesterday we barely had time to get our dish ready, change clothes, and hit the road again. The Families with Children from China Holiday Potluck dinner took place in Mission Viejo. We had driven two hours for brunch round trip, and would be going as far for dinner. We severely overestimated our stamina. This is our first year, and we were told the past two years had a very healthy turn out. This time 30 families attended. Still, it was yet another opportunity for SS to be surrounded with families just like hers. There were three other Dragon Boat families, including A and B, the siblings who are in a Spanish immersion program.  A very pleasant surprise was to see W, her husband J, and their daughter X. We had not seen them since the DB race weekend.  They live in San Juan Capistrano, and opted out of driving to the Moon Festival dinner.  It was very nice to catch up with them, and since they are both college professors, we had quite the discussion about the state of public education. They were surprised at the kind and quantity of homework SS is getting in kindergarten. Good to know we are not the only ones who think it is overkill. 

SS went from brunch chic, to her well honed  impersonation of a dainty little flower.

SS wanted to eat as soon as we arrived, no time to make small talk.

Once SS's tummy was settled we went to the arts and crafts table, where SS channeled her inner Martha Stewart and decorated one good good looking cupcake.

It was funny to watch SS's Zen like concentration, and her meticulous focus on the proper placement of sprinkles and other adornments.  

SS and Baba, very proud of SS's creation.

Just before the holiday games began, there was the seemingly requisite Ring Around the Rosie round.  Standing up is A.  We were hoping to catch up with the kids and their parents, but the night had other plans for us.

Candy cane limbo.

SS didn't quite get the fact that she was supposed to lean back, but she had a blast nonetheless.

Quite the form during the ring toss.  The little girl with the pink boots is fluent in English and Spanish. Cutest little thing.

Patiently waiting for the musical chairs to begin. Again, pink boot girl.  She is four and just a tad shorter than SS, but she definitely outweighs our daughter.

SS finished the games with three stars, she was satisfied.

We left an hour before the festivities ended. P and I were just spent, perhaps due to our brilliant move to double book.  That, and we had really had a late Saturday night, and up early on Sunday.  SS whined and pretended to cry, she really wanted to spend time with A and J, but our departure was non negotiable.  Our stubborn daughter, the same one who proclaimed she was not tired was out by 7:15 p.m. That was only about half an hour after we left.  SS woke up when we arrived home, but P did not allow her to catch a second wind. He carried her upstairs, and we team tagged her out of her clothes and into her pajamas. All this done while she was on her bed, we did not let her feet touch the floor.

 SS and J were the last two standing at the end of the musical chairs game. SS was a great sport when she lost, and we were relieved. J is hearing impaired, and his mom signs to him. It was remarkable to watch him playing along without missing a beat, and winning.  You can see his mom in the background letting him know when the music started and stopped.

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