Tuesday, December 04, 2012

From a busy week to a torturous week.

We knew we would have a busy week, mainly medical appointments, errands, and the chaos that is the weeks before Christmas.  Today it was SS's turn to visit her doctor to get a flu shot, have him look at how bad her eczema has become, and address a concern about snoring.  Dr. B was running half an hour behind schedule, which usually would not faze me (I waited an hour and a half at my appointment yesterday), but we had another errand to run. We also needed to be half an hour away by 4:30 p.m. for SS's soccer assessment. 

SS has been a heavy breather and snorer since we met. We often joke that she snores like a drunk, it does get that loud. It did not occur to us that there could be more, and I recall us mentioning this to SS's previous physician.  I had my second sleep study last Thursday, and Tech S and I were talking about children and sleep studies.  When I mentioned SS's snoring she asked more questions. Tech S informed me that loud snoring in a child should be checked out, because the reason they get little people for sleep studies is to determine if they need their tonsils removed. Yikes, no way would I want my emotionally fragile child facing the prospect of surgery.  But we had to ease our minds and have SS examined. Dr. B did not see a problem, but if her drunk like snoring persists we will have to revisit the issue.

Dr. B agreed that SS's eczema was beyond moisturizing daily at home. We were very concerned about permanent scarring, but Dr. B does not think that would happen.  It does not help that SS is P's daughter, and a picker, just like her Baba. Dr. B prescribed a cortisone ointment, and I need to call him in two days to let him know if it has made a significant difference. If it hasn't, he will prescribe a cortisone cream. Why not start with the cream then? Then Dr. B said something that made me ask him to repeat what he said. No dairy or soy products for a week. WHAT?! Not a day goes by that SS doesn't have milk, yogurt and cheese. Yesterday SS polished six goyza for lunch, heavily dipped in soy sauce.   Hades! The funny thing is that Dr. B thought SS would be upset about not having ice cream.  He was very surprised and impressed about SS's consumption of milk, cheese and yogurt. Some good it did her if she can no longer have those things.  Soy milk is usually the substitute for regular milk, and now all we are left with is rice milk. This is going to suck royally, like major sucking.  But part of being a parent is doing what is best for our child. As much as it sucks, we (meaning me) are going to have to figure out what to feed SS, and how to keep the same level of nutrition.  I am well aware of what would pack an equal punch, the problem is that SS has become accustomed to those foods. 

SS rocked it at the assessment, who knew she had learned a thing or two during her first soccer stint. Still laughing her butt off when the coach tries to steal her ball. Oh, the flu shot, almost forgot.  SS cried the minute Dr. B said he would send a nurse in to administer the evil torture. I called P and he tried to get SS to cheer up, but the nurse came in and I needed both hands, and all my attention to tend to SS. She cried, so loud, so raw, but I don't think she even felt the needle. SS has been off since my sleep study, it was a night away from her, and that usually leads to a needy SS.  A dairy free SS, this is going to be interesting.

We were worried about the discoloration on SS's arm, but Dr. B assured me that her beautiful color will return.

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