Monday, December 24, 2012

Goodbye Munch, until next year.

SS patiently waited for Christmas eve and received her reward. Aunt C stated that SS could open her gifts tonight, and we are blown away to report that she did not even try to sneak a peek. P and I were curious as heck about the big one, it was heavy, and heavy usually means trouble. We know this because we were notorious for giving trouble before SS. 

A scooter! Except that SS had no idea what a scooter was, but she was delighted. She will have to wait until we buy her a helmet (hers is somewhere in those boxes in the garage) and pads. 

SS opened the small package and wow, she was a very happy girl. Aunt C gave her The Avengers stickers (safe, removable) for SS's very bare walls.

Our girl was in super hero mode. Thanks Aunt C, you really made SS's day.

Oh yeah, SS is now surrounded by The Avengers force field (totally made that up). And if it keeps her in her own bed, then we are the real winners with this gift.

Poor Sn00py, it looks like he wet his pants.  We have had him since before SS came home, and it took our lazy selves this long to get him on our roof. 

Same with our penguin friend and lights, all here pre SS waiting to be used.

We read The Night Before Christmas, then it was bedtime. P showed SS where Santa was, by using the Santa Track application. He was delivering gifts in Santiago, Chile, and SS needed to go to sleep so Santa could bring her gifts home.  Before going to sleep SS got a chance to say goodbye to Munch, who returned to the North Pole after SS went to bed. We look forward to seeing Munch next year. SS, this is where I suck as a Mama, I practically gagged while writing the preceding sentences.  Your Baba is the fantasy guy here, and I'm glad you have him.

The down side to having the tree upstairs is getting caught while placing gifts. SS was out cold, and we are planning on letting her sleep as long as she needs.  We will probably post late tomorrow, but will at least post a picture and a short video.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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