Friday, May 22, 2009

Abu sends the PR goods.

A package for me? Must be Abu, she always sends me good stuff.

Dude, all of it is for me.

Dulce de coco, but to SS, "cookies." She is driving us batty by requesting "coco." At least she learned a new word.

Pilones, "yum." The funny thing is that Abu would rarely allow us to have sugary things. Apparently her healthy rule does not apply to her grandchildren.

GANDULES! I usually make arroz (rice) with gandules on Thanksgiving. We used to get them at a Mexican market, but for the past three years, they have not had them. Abu thought that it was shameful that her darling granddaughter did not have gandules and sprung into action. SS has six servings of arroz con gandules coming her way. Gracias Abu!

Abu, why did you waste your time and money sending Mama and Baba a pilon? You could have send me more candy. Abu, did I mention how much I love candy?

Adobo, a staple at our home. P just LOVES this stuff. When he came home, he opened the container and just smelled the good stuff inside. It was quite funny. I am the PR person here, and I do not like adobo as much as P does. Once he smelled it, he said "I love that your Mom loves me. No matter what happens with us, she will be my adobo dealer." Yeah, just like having a crack dealer.

There is bacalao (salted cod) inside. I have not made a PR staple, gazpacho, because I have been missing the main ingredient. Abu righted that wrong and we are having gazpacho this weekend. P was SO excited when he saw the bacalao. I'm a little bit worried about P visiting PR. Half the week he is Asian and the other half he thinks he is Hispanic. What is going to happen when he visits PR? I think he will love it and want to stay. NO FREAKING WAY.

"A gift for me? I wasn't expecting that." Liar

Thanks Abus, you send the best gifts ever. Next time, just send gifts for me, Mama and Baba do not deserve you.

Mine, all mine.

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Amber said...

I was doing a search for a rice with gandules recipe and came upon your blog..this post made me laugh. I guess I take for granted all the foods we have access to in the US. I hope you enjoyed the food you cooked!