Thursday, May 28, 2009

Speed dialing S.

Apparently SS is beyond bored with me, or needed to tattle tell, because she used my cell to call P yesterday. First I never allow her to use my phone, unlike another parent who shall remain nameless. I was feeling pretty lousy and we did not go on our usual walk, so I guess our daughter was feeling neglected. The funny thing is that to use my phone, she must unlock it first. Sometimes when I'm in a hurry, it annoys the daylights out of me when I can't unlock it on the first try. I consider myself far more dexterous than SS, so I was pretty impressed.

SS then needs to touch the icon for my favorite numbers, or my contacts. I have dozens of phone numbers in my contacts, again, making her streak of luck a really good one. But SS is two, and while quite smart, she is not that savvy. She managed to dial the phone, then said "Baba, Mama, Baba." SS was the total look of innocence, like the phone miraculously dialed her father. SS dropped it like a hot potato, but we were the only ones home. I know that she will outsmart me by her third birthday.

SS had her Baba fix, and gleefully smiled, talked gibberish and waved at the phone. It helps that I have a picture of her and P next to his number. When we are talking, she gets to see it on the screen.

Right now my cell is MIA, I know is under a cushion or under the sofa. SS was trying to help me find it, and unless she is a cell phone blood hound, I think she knows the general area where she most likely dropped it. She kept looking under the chaise and whining, "phone Mama." This one is completely my fault, for being careless with my phone. It would be nice if I could somehow stop my two-year old's addiction to my cell phone. And my laptop too. Heh, dream on.

SS continues to be hit and miss with her sleep. My sleep patterns are the most screwed up I have ever come across and want better for her. JJ had sleep issues as well; lucky us. P is a sleeping machine, especially when he is stressed out. The man can easily sleep for 17 hours when under duress. I was afraid that if things did not go well in China, he would spend inordinate amounts of time snoozing. SS sleepless nights are really difficult on him. But, we need to get her on board, as she has been home ten months. Tonight, I'm going to just jump the shark and try getting her to sleep in the Ergo. And now SS is not permitted to sleep between us, and the thought of having her anywhere near the edge of the bed scares me. She is a tornado and moves even more than I do. The idea of not allowing her between us is to avoid one of her greater skills, divide and conquer. Yeah, we know all kids are little masters at manipulation. But until you have a post institutionalized child, you have no idea.

And this brings us to our current funk. We have to make some decisions about how SS is going to spend two weeks in late July. Right now P is less than happy that I want to stick to only us holding her, like the pros suggest. P thinks it should include JJ, but JJ is her brother, not her parent (unless we kick the bucket). This has been a really tough period for us, and I can't imagine what it has done to SS. It hasn't exactly brought out the best in us, but we have spent 14 years as a team. We survived JJ's adolescence without prison time, we can do this.

So we are trying to arrange a trip for SS to meet her great-grandmother, and that is where I will unabashedly make an exception. It might be the only time they meet, and her Great-grandma C was so kind to us during the wait. Birth order is a funky thing in P's family, I have never experienced that (but I was the youngest). P always makes it a point to note that he is 31 days older than his cousin, K, who is a physician, beautiful, kind and one of the nicest person's you'll ever meet. So, who cares? P cares. SS is the oldest greatgrandchild, but she arrived home seven months after her cousin. I hope by the time she is old enough to understand, she could not care less about birth order.

Since we will be in NY, P thinks it will be a good time to introduce SS to the wonders of PR. I am not sure about this, since I have not been home in 26 freaking years. Like I have stated before, being there without Mami and Papi is inconceivable. But P thinks it is time for me to go the heck home, and for SS to meet her Abuelo, who simply adores her. But what do you do? How do you say, you get to see her, but you can only high five her and pat her back. Hugs and kisses are only from Mama and Baba. It's tough, really difficult stuff, especially when people are unable to grasp why. However, I know the Abus and JJ will do anything for SS to grow up to be happy, secure and healthy.

If we pull this very quick trip off, (P only has one week off work),we are going to be done with traveling for a while. China last year and now this is plenty for SS. I will also be returning home alone, with a squirmy, two-year old fountain of endless energy. Not looking forward to the 8-10 hours of fun (counting stops). Maybe I can bamboozle someone into keeping me company. Nah, not if they know SS or have seen her videos.

Pictures taken Sunday and Monday.

Totally wiped out the day after the water park visit.

Whipped cream for breakfast.

Yum, Fr@ppucino.

SS enjoying a break after her first skinny dipping.

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