Saturday, May 09, 2009

Early Mother's Day gift.

P asked what I wanted for Mother's Day. I have my kids, can't think of anything else but time with them. Sadly, JJ is working, so he can't be here. Since we have had a week of yucky weather, P knew I really wanted to be out and about. Today, we took SS out on her first real paddle. It was a risky move, because our girl was in a grumpy, whiny, clingy mood. Since it was our first time out this year with two kayaks, prep time was tedious. SS got right in and helped clean my kayak. She was rewarded with some junk food to get her energy up.

SS was not pleased to be in Baba's kayak and made her feelings very clear. Alas, at two, she does not get to be in control. SS is perfectly safe with her Baba, probably safer as he is the strongest swimmer. She whined, cried and screamed for her Mama, but it did not last long. We stayed near each other and took frequent breaks. During breaks, we would put our kayaks together, and SS could touch her Mama. About half an hour in, SS realized that she would not be allowed to stand up, and that she would not be passed from one kayak to the other. She mellowed out and had a good time.

It was actually a lot nicer than we expected. SS was in wonder of everything she saw, the trees, birds, boats (especially sailboats), the geese and the ducks. That was the highlight of her day, she was rewarded with a two duck sighting. The ducks flew away before we could get too close, but SS was ecstatic. We paddled for ninety minutes, then turned SS loose on dry land for an hour. SS got to paddle with Mama on the way back. We had a really nice day.

Helping clean Mama's kayak.

Mama, you can drop the camera and give us a hand.

New, lighter gear. Poor thing still looks like a stuffed sausage.

You know you are whipped when you pull the following out of your wet bag:

Very well deserved Goldfish snack. Good job SS, you are a trooper.

Oh please, tell me something I don't know.

Mama's turn, SS's reward for enduring a long paddle with Baba. :)

Watch her cute little hands between P's, if you blink you'll miss it.

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