Saturday, May 23, 2009

First water park visit.

All pictures were taken with a disposable, waterproof camera. The last time we used one was in 2002 in Maui. Sorry about the low quality pics.

My Baba makes sure that I get plenty of water play.

Me and my shadow.

Baba, you are too funny.

Look at me, I'm swimming.

Frog slide. My Auntie Courtney used to like frogs.

Big girl slide.

I'm such a ham.

Yes, that's me, making a fool out of myself for SS's enjoyment. I did make a boo boo. When I landed in the water, I just swam to the stairs, where P and SS were waiting for me. P told me that those seconds I was underwater were very scary for SS and she cried for her Mama. No more underwater stunts until SS realizes I will always come back to her.

I thank G-d every day for this amazing child.

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