Thursday, May 21, 2009

Excellent article on adoption from 0prah Magazine

Wow, that is one post title I never envisioned writing, since I have never read her magazine. I came across this article this morning, on an adoption forum. Since I just wrote this post, it was very reassuring to know that we are not alone.

The author so eloquently stated what I half a$ attempted to express:
"The thing I didn't understand at the time is that frequently what interracially adopted kids and their families long for is privacy: just to be treated like any other human being whose history the public doesn't assume it knows or assume it has the right to know."

I will go further, ONLY the child has the right to know her or his history. As I interpret the public not to include relatives and friends. Do we go around asking people about how they conceived their child? Can you imagine asking a birth parent?:

Did you have one too many and forgot to use contraception?
Was there a c0nd0m malfunction?
Did the wife/husband make you keep it?
Wait, I thought you were shooting blanks. Did you use a sperm donor?

Of course not, but it is OK to walk up to an adoptive parent and pry away.

Here's a link to the article: http//

Taken this morning. Ten months ago, we brought this angel home. While we were the ones supposed to care for her, and teach her about the world, our angel SS has taught us life lessons daily. Talk about a humbling experience. Yes, she badly needs a manicure. SS grows nails like her father grows hair, it's amazing. Getting her to calm down while clipping her nails is quite a feat. I have to be careful when I do it, or there will be blood, lots of it. Still, I like how her little hands are clasped.

This picture should be on Merri@m-Web$ter under angelic. It was taken by P, he does so much better than I with close ups.

This morning, we walked later than usual, and I almost skipped the under the bridge part. I am glad I didn't, because we got there just in time to witness this. SS was in geese heaven and talked, waved and cooed to her new friends.

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