Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ten months with Spectacular S.

SS awoke this morning to the sound of a dump truck and sirens. Just what she needed first thing in the morning. When we arrived home, I became very good at sprinting up the stairs to prevent SS from freaking out. But for the past few months, SS has been calm upon awakening. As soon as I hear her make a noise, I simply let her know that Mama is on the way. SS calmly waits for me, standing on her crib, and greets me with a smile. That is, when she does not fake being asleep. This morning, as soon as I heard the truck and sirens, I bolted upstairs, but SS was already up and crying. I found her curled in the corner of her crib with tears all over her face. This is a first, and not a pleasant one. It took me about less than thirty seconds to get to her, but she was clearly upset. So we cuddled for a long time and I braced myself for a difficult day.

As we were cuddling, I had an interesting experience with SS. She started opening and closing her hand, and was clearly curious about her knuckles. SS then reached for my hand,opened it, and said, "Mama ouch," with an expression of concern. I realized that the raspberry Cryst@al Light I made that morning left a red stain on my finger. I reassured SS that Mama was OK, and it put her at ease. She proceeded to open and close my hand, and touch my knuckles. I taught SS all I know about knuckles; "SS these are knuckles." Yeah, complicated stuff. SS then touched her knuckles, and went back to my hand. She opened it, traced the lines on my palm, and did the same with her hand. She repeated this with every finger and joint, for both of us. Dude, I hope she is not going to grow up to be a psychic friend, I don't think her Baba could take it. For a child with a non existent attention span, that was a pretty long time. Children never cease to amaze me with their curiosity and capacity for empathy. SS was hurting, scared, but recognized red on my finger and was worried I was hurt. With all the turmoil in her tender brain, she still notices if others hurt. SS wants to help others if they hurt. Wow, quite a lesson for a solipsistic person like me.

SS was very clingy the rest of the day. When P came home for lunch, she was clinging to me and he held her while I made his lunch. SS would not leave P's lap and just returned to my arms. Not a problem, that is what we are here for little one. She did not let go until the afternoon and it is funny what made her loosen up.

I really needed to get some things done in the kitchen and told her she could stand by me. SS ventured to where I could not see her and I just turned in time to see her first (I hope) attempt at flying. I saw her horizontal, both feet off the floor, arms outstretched, and landing on the wooden floor. I dropped what I was doing to deal with the crying, but nothing. On a clingy day? What the heck? SS looked up at me and said, "Mama?." She got up and went on to play. After that she was fine, she stopped the Velcr0 behavior and was back to laughing. It reminded me of when her brother attempted to fly at three years old. Except that poor JJ tied a towel around his neck (loosely), and jumped off his captain bed. After that stunt, he would freak out every time he heard the theme song from Superm@n.

By the time P arrived home, SS was ready for yet another bubble fest. Bubbles do not get old for her. So we did what we do best as a family, nothing. But we had a great time doing it.

July 7, 2009
Shortly after our adoption was finalized.

Below, just today, an ordinary day.

SS requested noodles for breakfast and you can see how pleased she was. I had the stuff (well, the real good stuff) every morning for breakfast in China, so I can identify with her craving.

Love the way she slurps her noodles.

I swear, we were not stoned, although we can't vouch for SS.

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Michelle said...

Happy 10 Months! I can't believe it has been that long already. It really does fly by doesn't it?