Friday, May 15, 2009

Tushie Cushie

For the past few months, SS has become very interested in bodily functions. Every time I think I have a shred of dignity left, SS makes sure to bring me back to reality. Our girl must have undergone Ninja training at the SWI, because she is one stealthy little thing. I am minding my business in the bathroom, and next thing I know, there is a very curious person opening my legs and watching. Sorry, I know, TMI. This is new for me, and I can't say I'm enjoying it. P, on the other hand, announces when he is going to the bathroom. He is then followed by a very happy SS, who stands and supervises.

SS has been watching and learning, and is not too happy about wearing diapers. She has been really good at letting us know when she is about to have a bowel movement. SS knows where her diapers and wipes are. She merely walks up to me with both and lays down. P and I are not really ready for potting training, as it will be one more independent thing, one less thing for us to help her do. However, it is not fair to SS to deny her the opportunity to advance developmentally. What to do?

Last week, SS starting pulling on her diaper, said "poop," and used the sign . She has done that many times before and I got ready for a diaper change. SS pointed at the bathroom and said "please." Oh, what the heck. I took her diaper off, propped her on the toilet and waited. I thought she would be afraid of falling in, but she did really well. Since we are practicing fly by the seat of your pants parenting, we were not prepared for this. We had not purchased a potty for SS. Ouch. SS made a small offering to the porcelain G0d, and quickly looked inside the bowl. OMG, SS was SO proud of herself. I wiped her, put another diaper on, and she proceeded to dance, hop, and sing "poo poo, poo poo, poo poo."

If anyone told me a year ago that I would be making a big deal out of bodily functions, I would have ripped their heads off and bury them in the backyard. A firm handshake and a sincere "congratulations" should suffice. But once I saw the pride on that little face, I turned into a complete idiot. I not only sang the poo poo song (made up on the spot), but also did the poo poo in the potty dance. Next thing I know, SS and I are dancing a la C@lvin and H0bbes all over the living room. Our little girl was simply overjoyed. Kids...

When P arrived home for lunch twenty minutes later, SS was still on a poo poo high. She had saved her masterpiece for Baba, quite a sacrifice. SS loves to flush the toilet, so this was a big deal. So we broke into another round of the potty song and dance. I am so glad that this was a private moment. No way would I want that stuff captured for posterity.

SS is now the proud toddler owner of two tushie cushies. We opted to get those instead of a potty, because for SS, it is about imitating us. So now her bathroom and the downstairs bathroom are ready when she is. The master bathroom will remain tushie cushie free. We also purchased pull ups and that was quite an experience. Whatever happened to unisex diapers? Why does it have to be a car motif or gag me, Di.sne.y princesses crap? I do not want my daughter to grow up thinking that she needs some yo yo in shining armor to be fulfilled. I want my daughter to be able to kick @ss and not even smear her eyeliner. Where are the motifs for that? And do not get me started on P00h (sorry Dis.ney lovers). What is with that reprehensible creature? Think about it, it walks around without pants, and with his butt sticking up in the air. As parents, we think that is just asking for trouble. We settled on D0ra pull ups, and were very disappointed when we got home. D0ra is la Exploradora, but in pull up land, she is dressed as a princess. GAG ME. Anyhoo, we are not going to rush SS into potty land, but at least we are prepared.

Now for my admission of hypocrisy for the day. I'm partial to Ariel, because she lives under the sea. She also saved the life of the dude who could not swim. Not sure if this actually happened, but that's my story.

SS is the proud owner of a duckie tushie cushie.

P bought this as a gift for me a few months ago. It has a dock for the iPh0ne and it was meant for me to listen to music while I'm in the kitchen. So, what is it doing in SS's bathroom? It has become part of P and SS's bath time musical extravaganza. They listen to music, they dance, they sing, the flood the bathroom floor, and have a really good time. Then P wonders why it is so darn difficult to get SS to sleep. Any ideas?

I have neglected to show my Mother's Day gift. P was sick of watching me haul my laptop upstairs, and when we stayed away from home. Now I have a small netbook, just as my eyesight is worsening. :) It has a video cam, on the top, right in the middle, that little circle. There is a possibility that SS and I will be apart from P for about a week this summer. This way, SS can see and talk to her Baba daily. It will also be helpful for me not to lug my precious De.ll, since I will be on my own with SS.

Because this much cuteness needs to be shared.

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Buckeroomama said...

Congrats to SS on getting on board the potty train! We sign/ed with our children, too --and that's what's clued us in our girl's readiness to be potty-trained. :)

BTW, I love your masthead photo. That's one of the places that I'd love to visit one day. My dad has done a few paintings of the "Stone Forest" and I loved them.