Friday, May 01, 2009

Music class with Baba.

Wednesday was a tough one for SS. P had his monthly safety meeting and that meant that SS did not get to see her Baba at lunch time. She was a very frustrated little one and decided I must be somehow responsible for her Baba's absence. So SS took out her frustrations on her Mama. I get it, and it does not bother me. Then when P came home, he announced that he would have to be at work the next day at 5:00 a.m. They are having problems with the equipment and are working in shifts to keep up with the back log. P tried to make it better by stating that he would come home early. Sorry, but that is a load of bullsh*t, because he says that every time and he ends up working until 5:00 p.m. Pretty much like I used to tell him the same, and an emergency would always pop up. P has been on the receiving end from my work craziness for more times than I care to recall. I was right and he did work until 5:00 p.m., and SS was upset because she did not get to see her Baba when she woke up.

When P came home, he greeted us by stating that he was all ours for the next two days. The equipment is down, again, and he will try on Sunday. Cool, Baba is home on a Friday, and he gets to attend SS's music class. It was just the three of us and the teacher. Teacher S, is a jazz pianist and fawns over SS's fingers, claiming that they are long and perfect to play the piano. SS is more of a rocker and prefers the drums. Our little girl was in only child heaven, with three adults watching her every move. We also had the opportunity to see her manipulative side. SS would reach out to her teacher, whenever we did not follow her commands. Sorry SS, it does not work that way. Our job is to teach you right from wrong, to protect you, to love you, and to keep you safe. We are not here to allow you to run all over us, sorry.

After music class, P treated us to breakfast burritos. SS was thrilled to have chips for breakfast. She simply loves crunchy things. We did not do much for the rest of the day, since it was raining. My current obsession is getting a frame for our China pictures. I have a large collage with pictures from JJ's birth to about 4 years ago. It is a nice progression of our lives as a family. I wanted an equally large one for our China pics, but we are striking out big time. My goal is to have the pictures hanging on our wall before the one year anniversary of Family Day. I better get lucky soon.

During our first week in China, I told P that SS was destined to be a drummer. P dismissed me, and now he realizes how wrong he was. Dude, I do know my kids.

SS drumming it. I like her pink Chucks. SS finally outgrew her second pair of Chucks. Still only a size four, she's got tiny feet.

Hate myself in this (and any other) picture, but SS is darn cute. I don't remember what she was so excited about.

The littlest rocker.

I can't believe I'm playing with a drum. I'm telling you, SS has taken over whatever dignity I had left.

Oh yeah, chips for breakfast.

Last night, P treated us to chocolate dipped cones. His way of saying he's sorry for being away from us for 12 hours. We like the guilt trip, especially when we are rewarded with chocolate. SS was so funny. She got her cone first and was very happy. When P returned with our cones, she kept looking from P to me. She was not pleased that our cones were larger, and decided we needed her help. She stopped eating her cone and started working on ours.

This one is going to get me a nasty e-mail from Abu. We were never allowed to eat this part of the cone, because of Abu's germ phobia. P was always amused how as an adult, I could not bring myself to "break" that rule. I think I only started eating all of my cone as of a few years ago. It drove P insane when I didn't. He kept reminding me that I was an adult, and I could. Conditioning is a difficult thing to overcome.

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