Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The highlight of SS's morning walk.

Align Center

I took off her lap belt so she could get a good look at the passing horse. SS was so excited that she tried to get under the chain to go and play with the horsey. I am glad that I had a good grip on her.

SS is one quirky, funky chicken. This is the child who is afraid of plain pumpkins, but loves monsters, ghosts, and jack-o-lanterns. The child who is afraid of car noises and gets spooked when P turns the key on the door, every single time. But here she is, looking at an animal many times her size, a creature that can easily have her as a snack, and she wants to run and play with it. What the heck? SS is afraid of soft noises, but was totally giggling with delight at the clacking of the Clysdale's hooves. How did we get so freaking lucky?

The ultimate Yunnan Ham.

Watching the rehearsal for the upcoming animal show. This IS serious. I love her intent look.

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