Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Two years old, two countries, two passports and two new molars.

Oh yeah, this is all about SS's favorite number. But let's start with her two new molars, because that is truly a big deal for us. SS came to us with four upper and four bottom teeth. Our poor baby girl has been on a constant state of teething since we met. We feel bad for all that drool, discomfort and crankiness. She had her incisors and four molars by Thanksgiving, then nothing. How long does teething last? Doctor S told us not to worry, that she'll be having teething issues until she's at least nine. Thanks lady, that really helped. Last week I was playing with SS, had her upside down, and noticed two new molars. Yeah, happy molar dance (I just made that up)!

Last Friday SS received her US passport. I'm not sure why we applied for it or if it is a good idea. The girl already has all of our bank account information and passwords safely stored in her memory. We have found some pretty good attempts at forging our signatures. Do we really need to tempt her with a passport?

SS's passport pictures were taken eight months apart. Kind of cool to look at the difference that time has made. We are not naive to think that the scared little girl is totally gone. Her face is fuller and she has three adults watching over her and her well being. But that scared little girl is still there, she has built walls to protect herself, and we are chipping away. We won't stop until every trace is obliterated.

This morning I was thinking about SS's first mug shot. We have no idea how old she was at the time. But if her two other referral pictures were taken at nine months, we estimate she was 5-6 months. She looked chunky in that picture, how deceiving.


Eight months later.

Mail for me? I wonder what it could be.

Oh my gosh, I am gorgeous!


BABA said...

SS, you have a passport to my heart.

Love Always,


ruthieaya said...

Que diferencia tan marcada en sus rasgos fisicos actualmente comparados con el pasaporte de China. Eso demuestra cuanto cuidado y dedicacion han aportado sus padres para conseguir con mucho amor este cambio tan significativo en su pqqueña hija. Baby S que Dios siempre este a tu lado protejiendote y bendiciendote.
Espero que continues recibiendo los cuidados y el esmero que tienen
tus padres para que estes saludable
y llena de mucho amor y alegria.
Love abuela Ruthie