Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Baba's Keys.

This morning, SS insistently asked for her Baba. I repeated the "Baba is at work" mantra, but she would not give up. It was early in the morning, and as I have stated before, SS has a pretty good internal clock when it comes to her Baba. We all have an off day. SS then said, "Mama, keys, Baba, keys." She pointed to the keys on the end table, that I had walked by a dozen times this morning. Huh? No sweetie, those are Mama's keys. Yeah, I'm dense, I did not even look. SS cried and wanted to see her Baba now. I looked, and dang it, the girl was right, those were indeed P's keys.

I don't blame SS for not believing me, as I had just shot my credibility. I had to take SS to every room and outside to convince her that Baba was not home. I think she was finally convinced when his car was not on the driveway. Don't you hate it when your kids are smarter and more observant than you?

To placate my little sleuth, I treated her to some outside time. I asked SS if she wanted her bathing suit on, and she squealed and did a happy dance. She was so cute chanting "pool, pool, pool." Her receptive language skills are really improving.

Poor P had to eat his lunch outside, because SS had no plans to enter the evil dungeon of darkness that is our home. I don't know how, but SS was in the pool (with very few breaks) from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. I guess if I was 2-years old, with a just my size pool, I might do the same. I had to drag her inside kicking and screaming. P and I are water and sun whores, but this kid really kicks our butts. When I look at how dark she is, and how pale she was when we met, I am convinced that SS did not leave the SWI often, if ever. Maybe that is why she cherishes outside time. It really breaks our hearts to think of SS indoors for long periods of time. She is such a pati caliente.

After snack and nap, SS wanted to return outside, but I decided she had plenty of sun for one day. Our girl is a sun sponge, just soaks up those rays. On Friday, our local water park opens and we already have season passes. Also, the aquatic center is opening soon, and they have a pool and a kiddie playground with lots of water. We are getting a season pass there as well. Then there is the volcano fountain at the park, which she thoroughly enjoyed last year. Between those three places and the lake, SS should be able to get her sun and water fun fix.

Tonight is the two- hour season finale of Cr*m*nal M*nds. P is getting ice cream for us to eat in the dark. At some point we are going to have to stop watching shows like this with SS, but for now, it's fun.

P's keys (left), K's keys (right)

Littlest pool cleaner.

Yeah, Baba's home for lunch. We can now end this madness of you two having the wrong keys.

Now she wants to use a floatie. Sigh

My baby.

Three and a half hours later, snack time and a nap.

SS wanted her shoes on to go outside. I told her that she had enough sun and outside for today. SS obviously disagreed with my assessment and just put her sandals on. She called out to me, I turned around and saw this proud look on her face.

I said she put them on, not that she put them on the correct feet. I just love her chubby, dark legs.

Cutest bunny I have ever seen trying to distract me from cooking dinner.

Somewhere in the middle of all that gibberish is the Abu song. Coming soon to a record store near you. Toddler Idol, here she comes.

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