Sunday, April 10, 2011

Of course there's honesty, then there's honesty.

Because she is four, SS has no qualms about being less than honest when it suits her. Last Saturday was one of those days. I was gone for a significant amount of time, and Baba brought Sula to have lunch with me to avoid a Daiichi like meltdown. When I arrived home four hours later P was outside taking a much needed break from his tiny bundle of joy and endless energy. Yikes, it must have been a really rough four hours. Can't imagine what if would have been like if we had not met for lunch.

I walked inside to find the living room looking like a tornado tore through it. Well, Tornado SS definitely did a throughout job. I received the usual over the top enthusiastic greeting of "MAMA!!!!!!!!!!" and a very tight hug. I'm a big girl but I am always amazed at SS's strength, especially when she hugs. She can easily squeeze the breath out of an adult. SS's expression quickly changed to one of sadness, she waved her little hand towards the living room and sadly stated "This is a mess Mama." Well mess and a half and other colorful descriptions crossed my mind. I told SS "Sweetie you really made a huge mess." With the conviction only a child can convey while being blatantly caught in flagranti SS corrected my erroneous assumption. With big sad puppy eyes SS said "I no make mess Mama. Baba made mess." The girl delivered that gem with a straight face. Gosh, she is amazing when it comes to chutzpah. Little did I know I was about to receive an even bigger serving.

I though I would put the littlest liar to the test and patiently waited for P to return from his self imposed time out. This is also known as that necessary self discipline moment when you walk away before throttling your child. I smiled at P and informed him that a little bird told me he was responsible for the mess inside. P caught on right away what I was after, smiled at SS and asked "Did I REALLY make the mess SS?" The moment of truth, the time to separate the seasoned liar from the innocent child who misspoke too soon. We thought SS would carefully mull over her answer once confronted by her Baba. In a move neither one of us considered SS quickly placed her hands on her hips, adopted a facial expression of pure fire and barked "Baba stop making messes for Mama!" Bwahaha, the joke was on us, as usual. We have said it before and will keep saying it, our girl has titanium ovaries (can't say b@lls of steel).

Gotta hand it to her, that is one honest face.

Post #4, can't run out of steam now.

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