Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter brunch.

Since we had reservations for 2:00 p.m. (we procrastinated big time this year), SS had a lot of time to play with her TS Easter loot. She also has a Sn00py basket waiting in the van. We will have to figure out when to give it to her. Since SS was dressed in pink in most of the previous pictures, we chose to go with primary colors. The dress she's wearing was a gift from P's sister, and we think it resided in SS's closet for almost two years. About time for SS to wear her gift.

SS squealed with joy when she saw broccoli on her plate. The girl had her pick of all kinds of gooey, kid friendly food, and there were sweets galore. Nope, SS stuck to her scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and broccoli. Of course SS threw back a few virgin Mimosas. We are wondering how long before SS realizes the evils of vegetables.

All pictures taken with the cell phones, yucky quality.

Baba and his bunny.

Yummy broccoli.

In an effort to encourage others to treat SS as the four year old big girl she is, we are doing the same. Still, I was very nervous having her use a booster. SS moves around a lot and I fear a head injury if she takes a dive.

I left the purse in the car and neither one of us felt like walking back to get SS's bib. We made do with the napkin, and SS managed to keep her dress clean.

Always hamming it up.

Post # 20, only ten more to go.


Brenda said...

Cute dress! Is SS a southpaw??

2china4S said...

We are still wondering about her dominant side. She still consistently eats, throws and kicks left. But when it comes to coloring/drawing/writing she is all over the place. This is a big deal around here because one of us was "taught" to use a non dominant hand.