Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter; don't know about you, but we are absolutely bunnied out.

We are aware that bunnied is not a word, but that is exactly how we feel, freaking bunnied out. On Wednesday, after a quick wardrobe change, we met P at the mall for SS's bunny picture. She marched right in and made small talk with the Easter bunny while the camera person was setting up.

After the bunny picture SS requested to have her picture taken in front of the fountain. The kid knows she is photogenic and milks it.

I am so glad P made it and as a result we had a smiling SS.

Now I can get over the non smiling picture from last year. We really wanted to do a re-shoot, but instead we ended up at Urgent Care when when I almost decapitated our daughter.

Her first Easter bunny picture in 2009. Gosh, she has grown and changed so much since then.

Post #18 of Spring Fling.

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Brenda said...

If think I'd put a Santa hat on Mr. Bunny and make that my Christmas card. She looks so mature in bunny garb. Cute goes without saying.