Monday, April 11, 2011

Remembering our own Amazing Race.

We have been fans of the Amazing Race since its debut. Pre SS we always watched while cuddling. Needless to say the littlest dictator changed that as soon as we arrived home. After our trip to China we had even greater respect for what the contestants put themselves through. Sure, they are not schlepping a kid around or parenting out of suitcases, but they are sleep deprived, tired and placed in situations they have never experienced before.

Two episodes ago the contestants went to Kunming, the city where we met SS. We were so excited about the upcoming episode. SS is also a fan of the show and could not wait to see "her" China and were Mama and Baba met her to bring her home forever. SS placed her tiny hiney between us (as usual) and got ready for the show. P immediately recognized a Mickey D he visited with SS. I was bummed because I could not remember it, then before P reminded me it dawned on me that it was the first Baba and Baby S outing sans Mama. I was seriously sleep deprived and was coming down with a cold. SS was always on me or very near me, and P wanted me to catch some sleep, or at least have some alone downtime. He asked for help getting the Ergo set up and father and daughter went out to but some artery clogging yumminess.

That was really sweet of P to give me some rest time taking in consideration that he was also tired and sleep deprived. P's first time wearing SS, just as they ventured out to Mickey D's.

SS had a good walk and was all smiles upon their return.

Although SS most likely does not remember a thing about our time in Kunming she has seen pictures of the places we visited. When P and I got all excited about the Stone Forest SS was right there with us. We are hoping that we can return when SS is older and revisit those places. There are not many adoptions from Kunming and even less from Kaiyuan SWI, SS's home for her first 16 months. We had a great time reminiscing about our own Amazing Race and it was indeed an amazing time in our lives.

Spring Fling post #5.

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