Thursday, April 07, 2011

Sock hop.

Lately I have not been feeling the blog, posting has become a real chore. It's the winter blahs and this year it has been particularly difficult to overcome. I was glad to find out that I am not the only one afflicted with the aforementioned condition (misery does love company). One of my favorite bloggers is on day seven of her Spring Fling. It is a commitment to post for 30 consecutive days. What better way to beat the blahs. Today is my second day, so only 28 posts to complete the commitment.

Last month we attended a fundraiser for one of the agencies where I volunteer. The theme, a sock hop was right up SS's alley and she had a blast. Like her brother, SS's taste in music is very eclectic. With my kids is all about rhythm, something P and I do not posses. SS enjoyed her first sock hop where she hopped and bopped with the best of them.

SS made a beeline for the make your own pizza booth. The littlest pizza maker really enjoyed the experience.

SS made sure that every bit of cheese made it on her pizza.

Mine, all mine!

Her first root beer float.

SS's yummy creation.

P is right, I take the worse pictures.

The local theater group performed.

This car caught our eyes. We are Radio Flyer fans, but this is a new one for us. Of course SS quickly piped up that she wanted one. Better sell a lot of pizzas little one.

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M3 said...

A make-your-own-pizza booth?! That would be incredibly popular with this family.