Thursday, April 28, 2011

Have you ever received an Easter egg in the mail?

We have not, but SS received a surprise in the mail from Michelle. And boy was SS excited about this very special egg that came straight to her mailbox. No annoying kids vying for it as well. When we said we were bunnied out, little did we know that SS still had one more Easter egg left. Thank you Michelle for remembering our daughter. We were impressed since it never occurred to us that the postal service would accept irregularly shaped items. Very clever.

(Im)patiently waiting for Baba to remove the securing tape from her egg.

Yeah, Baba is back with my treat!


The egg was packed with goodies, Sweet Tarts, Apple Sours, Banditz bands, and 2 stamps. Amazing what one can get in there.

Post # 22 of Spring Fling.


Brenda said...

Michelle is the bomb.

2china4S said...


She is indeed! We are touched by how thoughtful she is towards our often looked over daughter.

M3 said...

Awwww, the postman delivered two of those little treats to our mailbox also. We were all grinning like mad. That Michelle is the most creative person I know.

Happy Easter!

Michelle said...

I'm so glad you got it o.k. and that she liked it!

2china4S said...

Liked it? Michelle, she did not like it, she LOVED it. You'd be surprised at SS's memory. She knows you sent her the foam sea creatures she still has in her tub. She also knows that you made the personalized bracelet she proudly wore on her first school picture day. SS said that it is her big girl bracelet.