Thursday, April 21, 2011

School egg hunt.

This morning was P's turn to endure the madness that is an Easter egg hunt. But it was at SS's school, thus we knew hoped she would be in her comfort zone. P was unable to remain for the egg hunt. thankfully Ms. K agreed to take pics for us.

Cowboy warning the Easter Bunny to keep his filthy paws off his girl.

The Junior class.SS is small but not glaringly out of place. There are at least three other children the same height as SS.

Post #15 of Spring Fling. I can't believe I reached the halfway point.


Anonymous said...

How cute is that? Love SS's hot pink fancy-schmancy clothes. Looks adorable.

2china4S said...

Thanks Anon, the outfit was a gift from P's classy aunt and uncle last summer. We attended their youngest son's wedding in Iowa, and they bought outfits for SS and her two cousins.

Brenda said...

Hey - I hit Anon by mistake. That was me, K.