Saturday, April 23, 2011

It must not have been that memorable a kiss, SS is keeping her options open.

I had the opportunity to grill SS inquire about L and S. The consensus was that L, aka Cowboy was the clear winner, because SS took the time to change his name. Ah, so heart warming to see our Chinese daughter practice her version of Manifest Destiny. SS was talking about how much fun she's had with Cowboy and S. Again, it looked like the former was ahead. Then SS began to giggle, lowered her voice and whispered "Mama, I sat beside S yesterday morning." HA! At the tender age of four our daughter has mastered a concept that takes us adults years to grasp, and some never grasp at all. SS knows that there are plenty of fish in the sea, and she is a spear fisher(wo)man. Our girl is keeping her options wide open. We are so proud of our tiny Jezebel.

Please try not to cringe at the pictures below. Guess what SS did today? She did have to make up for last year, and we promise it is the last one. SS is not willing to let her "fluffy pink jacket" go. This time she paired it with another gift from Auntie C, a fluffy pink hat. I really want that jacket in her memory box, but SS is unable or unwilling to part with it at this time.

Michelle, we are deferring to your expertise in early childhood development. We can't wait for SS to find boys yucky. Hopefully until she is 50. Yeah, 50 is a great age for our daughter to begin dating. Because it worked out that well with her parents...

Post #17 of Spring Fling people!


Brenda said...

Hat and jacket are devine. SS has good fashion sense. K and Baba not so much.

Michelle said...

Love the Easter outfit! The hat just makes it.