Tuesday, April 19, 2011

She liked him so much that she decided to change his name.

Apropos of Spring Fling P had quite the newsflash for me this afternoon. It appears that our daughter has found a BFF or has begun her first school romance. Figures, now that P is taking over school duties, not only is SS making real progress, he gets all the good stuff. Yeah, I am jealous, so sue me for wanting to be part of all the good in my kids' lives. SS was talking this afternoon about her friend L and her friend S, both males. I do not blame the girl because my best friends have always been males. Then when one of my best friends became my husband, he put a stop to the male BFF thing.

But even if it is a budding romance do not expect SS to play dainty little flower. SS is sending a clear message as to who is in charge. Her opening salvo is classic SS, she changed his name to Cowboy. P got a kick (and the pleasure of, *sniff*) watching SS stubbornly refer to L as cowboy, ignoring the boy's protests that "I am not cowboy, I am L." SS won that round and we feel bad for poor Cowboy L, because not only has his name changed against his will, but he is about discover the obstinate magic that is SS. Then again average looking L landed a heck of a beauty, so I guess they are even.

The teacher told P that SS and L are "Kindred spirits, easy going and laid back." OK, quickly changing my mind about Ms. A. Has she met our daughter?

SS and (part of) L at her school's playground. How sweet it is to play with rather than parallel to your classmates.

L is a smart boy and did not even bother to claim the truck from SS. We think this boy gets it.

Post lucky #13 of Spring Fling.

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