Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Then she celebrated at school.

SS demanded politely asked for a Buzz Lightyear cake. There are twenty cupcakes under all that gooey stuff.

SS first asked for green candles, then changed to green and blue candles, Buzz colors. When she saw the alien candles and big Buzz candle SS was very pleased.

Ms. T made SS a birthday hat because her genius of a mother forgot to buy hats.

SS has two teachers Ms. M (above) and Ms. L. Ms. M is blond and tall, while Ms. L is short and a brunette. P still can't tell who is who, five months after SS started school. Dude cracks me up. Ms. M really likes SS, she has two sons and always wanted a daughter. She has made the decision not to have more children because it would only be to have a daughter and there is that inconvenient 50-50 probability. She was shocked when I shared that we also wanted a daughter, adore JJ, but been there done that. That is why we decided against playing biological roulette. Adoption was not Plan B for us. Let's face it, we are winning better than Ch@rlie She*n.

SS busy playing with her blowout. Notice how her classmates are diligently tucking into their cupcakes. This is why it took SS four years to reach thirty pounds.

SS received a coat and a Let's Go Fish game from her Nana and Grand Min. Like her father and brother, SS does not know the meaning of modesty. When she tried on her coat she gleefully stated "I'm so cute." SS also received finger paints, a calendar, a CD, and color wonders from her aunt, uncle and cousins.

On Saturday we had amazing weather and SS was able to use one of our birthday gifts. I finally relented on my only kid powered ride on toys rule. Unlike JJ at the same age, SS's legs are not strong enough for continuous pedaling. I just remembered that at four JJ was already riding a two wheel bike, no training wheels. All the Buzz bikes that SS coveted were too big for our tiny girl, so we bought her a quad instead.

Look at that face of sheer concentration, because it takes that much effort to push a button.

We think she likes it.

Great, she is standing up while driving. It took me a heck of a lot longer to try that when I rode motorbikes. Yep, seriously looking forward to her driver's permit.

SS inherited her driving skills from her Mama. She is one scary thing on wheels.


Brenda said...

From the looks of things - she mastered that thing in about a nanosecond. Now you're gonna have to get her a teeny bike with training wheels. It's great to see her so happy at school. Go Sula!

2china4S said...


You cracked us up! Did we watch the same video? The girl drove into the house, then the van. :) The smallest Buzz bike we have found is 12" and there is no way SS can reach the pedals this year. We'll keep looking.